• New York Strip $20.99

    12 oz. Certified USDA Choice boneless New York strip steak lightly seasoned and char-broiled to your preference. Order a 16 oz. for $5 more.

  • Flat Iron Steak $16.99

    A char-broiled, tender (comparable to tenderloin), lean and flavorful USDA Choice 9 oz. steak.

  • Steak Add-ons

    Burgundy-garlic shrooms- $1.99; Onion straws- $1.99; Smothered (Sautéed onions, peppers & mushrooms)- $1.59 ea, $2.99 all 3

  • BBQ Ribs $19.99

    A full rack of St. Louis pork ribs, slowly roasted, then finished with BBQ sauce on the char-broiler. Order a half rack for $4 less.

  • BBQ Chicken and Ribs $18.99

    A barbecued boneless chicken breast and a half rack of St. Louis pork ribs.

  • Ribs, Wings, and Rings $24.99

    A half rack of barbecued St. Louis ribs, an order of wings, and a side of steak cut onion rings, with celery and bleu cheese. Served with house salad.

  • Fish Fry $16.99

    Your choice of beer-battered or freshly breaded haddock, deep-fried to a golden brown.

  • Broiled Haddock Fillet $16.99

    An 8 oz. haddock fillet broiled in lemon butter and white wine.

  • Shrimp Scampi $19.99

    8 extra large shrimp sautéed in a garlic butter/wine sauce and served over a bed of pasta.

  • Fried Jumbo Shrimp $19.99

    8 extra large hand breaded golden brown shrimp served with cocktail sauce and a lemon wedge.

  • Chicken Parmesan $18.99

    Fresh boneless chicken breast lightly breaded and deep-fried, covered with homemade marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese. Served with garlic toast and a side of spaghetti.

  • Chicken Breast Strips $13.99

    A long-time favorite- 1/2 lb. of boneless chicken breast strips breaded and deep-fried.

  • Spaghetti $13.99

    Served with homemade meatballs or mild Italian sausage, a house salad, and a side of garlic toast (instead of fries). Order with both meatballs and sausage for $3 more.

  • Pork Ribeye $13.99

    Tender, juicy and flavorful, an 8 oz. pork ribeye steak lightly seasoned and char-broiled.